Riaan van Zyl

Art focused on having people look at the everyday things in a different light.


Since the start of Riaan's career, he has taken primary inspiration from commonplace, ordinary ideas and his perception of things around him, effectively capturing its fascination and value with a de-constructed eye.  At first glance his work looks abstract and confusing but the results have their own very personal syntax, punctuation and orchestration.  They become almost a performance of movement rather than a standard drawing.

Riaan van Zyl continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and classical techniques and concepts. He’s last two solo shows, the first in May 2014 in The Hague (Netherlands) and the second Nov 2014 in Cape Town (South Africa) were both exceptionally well received and sold into some of the most prestigious art collections in the world.

Riaan van Zyl

Riaan moved to the small village of Riebeek Kasteel just outside Cape Town in 2015. He enjoys the stimulating, off-beat community, with a vibrant art scene and is a major contributor to the unique Solo Studios annual event. From his studio he works on private commissions and upcoming exhibitions. Always growing as an artist, he is continuously looking for original projects and interesting subject matter, living his passion for art.